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Nietzsche said "God is dead". From my understanding what he really meant was that from now on our faith will based on scientific facts which oppose the existence of God or the existence of any other supernatural beings.

But is it really the case? Is there really no place for an almighty God in a fact based world? Cannot God and science co-exist? Without a God does ethic make sense? Is there any purpose for humanity in the universe?

We try to facilitate a safe place for a good conversation.

If you have struggles with the Bible, Christian ethics, the existence of Christian scientists it is a good place to visit.

If you have questions you haven't dared to ask in a church, or you never got any relevant answer to - then this is the place where you can ask it.

If you are unsure that your faith has solid foundations you can test it here.

If you just want to listen a good conversation which explores different world views this is also a good place for you.

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