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Nov 7 Secular Humanist Book Club: The Revenge of God by Gilles Kepel

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Christian, Muslim, Jewish . . . this highly-praised book by French scholar Gilles Kepel analyzed the resurgent religious orthodoxy in Islamic societies and found comparable developments in Christianity and Judaism. These movements reacting to modernity are to a significant extent composed of educated technocrats themselves. Valuable insights into their evolution and their influence on society and politics.

Sorry this is one of our few books not also available in digital form, but I got a new copy from Amazon for seventeen bucks and there are plenty of used copies as well.

Even if you haven't finished reading, join us for the discussion. The Secular Humanist Society of New York Book Club is free and open to all.

Note we have moved our time up to 7 PM for everyone's convenience.

(For December 5th we'll be discussing Freethinkers: A History of American Secularism by Susan Jacoby.)