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Please also join our groups on BAND where everyone can put up events for free and it's also quicker and easier to keep in touch and communicate there:





More info about these groups: https://sverigeaktiviteter20.wordpress.com/information-for-the-gothenburg-activities-2-0-meetup-group


Since the RSVP-alternative "Undecided"/"Maybe attending" is missing here on Meetup (but not in the BAND-groups above), in this group "Attending" means "Maybe attending" until you write a comment to the event the same day or the day before that, that you are sure you will attend. Read more below about the reasons to that. Please set yourself as "Attending" if there is at least some chance you will show up to let others know about the interest in the event. If you think the group rules/guidelines below seem complicated I suggest joining our BAND-groups above where such rules are not needed due to a better app implementation.


This Meetup group is a local group that is part of Sweden Activities 2.0 / Sverigeaktiviteter 2.0 (https://sverigeaktiviteter20.wordpress.com). I am trying to create the "perfect social media combination" (no hubris here :-D) to make IRL meetups easier, to get to know new people & to keep in touch with old friends. It will of course not suit everyone (since "perfect" is a matter of preferences) but I would very much like to get feedback to help me fix things that are not so well thought out or expressed in a too complicated way. Either by a PM here on Meetup or anonymously by this mail form (https://sverigeaktiviteter20.wordpress.com/contact). I might not have the time and energy to answer everything but I will definitely read everything and try to meet your preferences and mine at the same time. You can also check this other group of mine (https://www.meetup.com/Social-media-alternatives-privacy-security) regarding thoughts about "the perfect social media combination". Well, good enough might be okay too :-).


Meetup and socialize over all sorts of activities in and around Gothenburg: Walk & talk (in the city, in parks, in the forest, by the coastline etc.), Disc golf/Frisbee golf, minigolf/bangolf/adventure golf/äventyrsgolf, go swimming/sola och bada, barbecue/grilla, Afterwork (the Swedish concept :-)), weekly meetups at Språkcaféet/The Language Coffee Shop (Esperantoplatsen 7), go shopping in Gekås Ullared, Borås djurpark/Zoo, Liseberg - Polketten (dancing), and much more.

There is no fee charged by these groups to attend the events. Everyone just pays their own costs when eating, drinking, traveling and so on depending on sort of activity.

I am looking forward to meet new people and perhaps some old friends and acquaintances! I am from Sweden and enjoy speaking both English and Swedish (and some - very little - German).


I hope this text below doesn't sound too complicated? Partly it is due to a lack of features in Meetup that I am trying to apply anyway. I have sometimes a problem not being short and concise enough... :-). I will work further on getting it as short and clear as possible.

1. Ask if it is okay before taking photos of people. Not all people likes to have their lives documented online all the time. This group and its homepage is meant as an alternative to for example Facebook, where a lot of people seem more interested in putting their and others lives online than actually taking part i the real life activity.

2. Since the RSVP-alternative "Undecided"/"Maybe attending" is missing on Meetup, in this group "Attending" means "Maybe attending" until you write a comment to the event the same day or the day before that, that you are sure you will attend. That way you let the others know there might be a chance that you show up. I am actually for letting people (including myself) decide rather late whether to attend or not (when possible depending on type of activity). I don't like to have a full schedule of "musts" more than is absolutely necessary for work etc. Another reason to this sign up approach of confirming your attendance by writing a comment is that the "normal" current behavior on Meetup seems to be that it is very common not showing up even if you have RSVP'd as "Attending". I have been to Meetups in other groups where about 60 people are "Attending" but only about 20 show up for the event, and I have myself organized events where about 4-6 people are "Attending" but none did show up (which is of course worse).

I will usually set an RSVP end time to two hours before the event takes place. At that time most people will definitely know for sure whether they can attend or not. I also usually set (=write about) a minimum of 4 attendees at the RSVP end time for the event to take place. If not at least 4 people have confirmed by writing a comment to the event the same day as the event (or the day before) that they will attend, the event should be considered as cancelled. If you want to you can still go if you like of course and perhaps write about it in a comment and maybe someone will join you anyway. I usually prefer meeting in a group (especially with unknown people) and this approach might prevent people from waiting to set themselves as attending until there is already a group (leading to that there will never be a group).

Again: If you think these group rules/guidelines seem complicated I suggest checking the groups at this URL since there is a "Maybe attending" alternative there (as well as other very useful functionality) that solves just about all of the complications mentioned here.):


3. For most events in this group I don't consider myself at the "big organizer" so to speak. Usually I will put up rather simple events like going for a walk, Disc golf/Frisbee golf, etc., i.e. events that will be possible to do perfectly well even if I need to cancel myself rather late. Of course my attendance will be more important on some events and less on other events but that will be rather obvious depending on type of event and I will of course be very much committed to fulfill my obligations if I put up an event where I really must be there for the event to take place. But if I for example can't show up when we are to go for a walk somewhere, but there are still 5 people attending you can of course still go through with the event if you want. I want solutions that makes it easier for people, including me, to meet in real life in a non stressful and non demanding way so to speak (without being completely uncommitted...).

4. You must be at least 18 years old to join the group. Children might be okay in company with parent, depending on type of activity. In the associated groups where everyone can put of events it is up to the organizer to decide if children are welcome.

5. Any more suggestions of feasible rules/guidelines/things to think about other than just plain common sense?

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