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This meetup is about the emergence of GovTech as a sector, disrupting the way in which public and civil society services are delivered and will explore the forces paving the way for the development of a GovTech ecosystem in the UK and globally. We will explore strategies for start-ups and models of innovation to aid the development of a vibrant, world leading ecosystem. Be a forum to convene start-up's to tell their story, Government to illustrate their problems and the wider start-up ecosystem to engage in this emerging sector. All persons involved in Government and Civil society are welcome who want to employ the technologies, design and processes of the start-up and digital world to deliver more effective Civil and Government services

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Financing GovTech ventures
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This meetup highlights investors and other sources of finance for GovTech startups. GovTech Finance is much more varied and contains many more sources of potential funding than one would initially consider. The range of funding sources goes from traditional VC funding, VC Funding with Purpose, VC Funding for social impact, Central Government funding, Local Authority funding, Not for Profit (NFP) Funding, Crowdfunding, Institutional local and international, tax incentivised, and Foundation Funding...just to mention a few. This meetup will survey the landscape of funding and provide practical examples of Startups that have been funded and the processes they had to master. The subject of consortium funding and how to blend sustainable public and private funding packages will be discussed.

G2P GovTech in Emerging Markets TBA
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This meeting will discuss GovTech in emerging economies called “G2P” Government to the People.
An illustration of how advanced this process has developed in March 2017 the Kenyan Government issued a Treasury Infrastructure Bond M-Akiba entirely by mobile phone.
This is just one example that GovTech in emerging markets is on the verge of making the leap from government service delivery being impenetrable, bureaucratic, slow, inefficient, with many illustrated governance deficiencies to a government service delivery that is secure, transparent efficient and one which reaches the citizen intended for the service. The major driving factor for change are the technologies and the distribution system developed for mobile payments that in December 2016 had c500m registered accounts in emerging economies.
The core telecommunications infrastructure is in place and proven, the potential of G2P progress is amplified by the continued growth of mobile phone and smartphones adoption in emerging economies. The Meetup will give a review of how this process is developing globally and have Startup's giving practical examples of how they are facilitating this transformation.

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Could GovTech become bigger than Fintech?

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