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The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is an International Professional Association and a US-based non-profit, membership organization that consists of individuals and organizations that are interested in promoting blockchain related solutions to government requirements. Membership is available to Civil Servants along with private sector Professionals and Corporations.

GBA creates relationships that would otherwise not come about – between and among technologists, public policy makers, application specialists and those who simply need to understand the new and emerging digital currencies that will change the world. GBA will act as a catalyst in creating a public dialog around the creative, profitable and positive leveraging of blockchain.

What We Do
Government at workGBA connects people and organizations with blockchain based solutions to problems typically faced by government entities.

GBA is not a lobbying organization. However, it does bring together governments around the world (at all levels) with industry, in order to create helpful dialog that will facilitate the efficient, ethical and rational adoption of blockchain technology so that this powerful innovation increases the quality of life for citizens across the world.
We conduct and promote networking, training and educational events
Publish and support the creation of content to help members understand and communicate important blockchain related information.

We offer incredible speakers and guests delivering the most recent and relevant information and content in each event we host.

If you are a government employee this is considered educational and we support the growing awareness and education to the science and technology of integrative blockchain solutions. We are turnkey in solutions and look forward to meeting you.

Whether private or public industry we are the HUB for the intersecting industries to merge and integrate ensuring our communities keep pace with a growing global digital world.

For more information please email the Chapter President Amy Berliner at Amy@aegisbiotech.com

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