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We explore ways that government contractors can be more innovative, responsive and better at meeting our government customers needs. We focus on ways that government contractors can anticipate needs, propose solutions, and deliver higher value solutions to win contracts. This group is excellent for government contractors that are looking for teaming partners where contractors care about being leaders in their fields.

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Blockchain Foundations (GBA Certified) – Alexandria, VA

CALIBRE Systems, Inc.

This is a GBA certified training course. The purpose of this course is to provide students with a fundamental understanding of the technology and potential use cases. The instruction learning objectives for this course are: Introduce the history of bitcoin and blockchain technology. Discuss why cryptocurrencies and blockchain technologies are important. Provide a basic understanding of cryptocurrencies. Provide a basic understanding of blockchain technology. Introduce legal and regulatory considerations. Discuss blockchain use cases, benefits, and risks. We will engage with students to describe why blockchain is important, discuss how blockchain is being deployed in countries around the world, and describe how blockchain technology can improve the efficiency and effectiveness of domains. $400.00 for non-GBA members $300.00 for GBA members

Blockchain Healthcare Specialist (GBA Certified) – Alexandria, VA

This course satisfies all of the requirements for the GBA Specialist Certification. However, the course focuses on healthcare applications for blockchain technology. Examples and use cases will be focused on the work by the GBA Healthcare Working Group and their publications. Healthcare poses a variety of challenges to public institutions all around the world, and healthcare systems are seeking new solutions for ensuring long-term sustainability and improved healthcare outcomes. Blockchain has been recognized as an ideal companion for supporting this transformational process, and many use cases are nowadays being piloted, spanning from secure health data management to drug counterfeiting, improved clinical trial management, and public health monitoring. What is the paradox of precision medicine? How will big data, IoT, genomic research, and 3-D printing impact healthcare? These topics and more will be addressed in the GBA Certified Blockchain Healthcare Specialist Class. Those who work in the healthcare field and those who are interested in how this field will be transformed by new technology will certainly benefit from taking this 3-day impactful class. $200.00 for non-GBA members $150.00 for GBA members

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