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I know there's a lot of tennis enthusiasts out there in Hong Kong who enjoy playing the game. This group is dedicated to having fun. When I mean fun, I mean improving. The game of tennis just gets better as you are able to string rallies together or strategize (and more importantly, execute) to win a tough match. The group is about Grabbing Life by the Tennis Balls and taking control of your game. Its aimed for folks who don't want to be complacent with their game. It just keeps getting better. So how do you improve as a player? Answer: Me I will be providing coaching to all those who want to improve. A little background on myself: I have been playing tennis for over 18 years now. I've played for my high school here in Hong Kong as well as my university in the States. Been playing a lot of USTA tournaments around the east coast in New England as well as winning and reaching the finals of a handful of them. I started my coaching career 5 years ago when I moved out of my parent's place.

I was blessed to receive coaching from the best coaches as a kid (Shane Barr and Paullete Moreno). These players also in-turn had the best coaches coaching them as a junior and through their career, teaching them what works. What these coaches have taught me over these years have rubbed onto me more or less. I believe I can pass you this knowledge. Tennis can be quite technical and simply knowing how to hit the ball and improving your foundation can help you improve immensely. I experimented with a few areas on my strokes as a kid. Let me give you that shortcut and pass you the knowledge I've accumulated over these years and tell you what works. I aim to teach my students the modern style of tennis (Open Stance, Western grip). All I ask for you is your trust, a good attitude (very important!) and a bit of talent! You can leave the rest to me.

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