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Jingle Balls II 3v3 Basketball Tournament!

Price: $30.00 /per person
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Jingle BallsII 3v3 Basketball Tournament!

The first year was so much fun, we are back for 2013! Join us for some 3v3 action between holidays and enjoy this fun tournament with 4 guaranteed games in three hours. Register early! We expect this tournament to sell out.

You can sign up by yourself or with some of your friends. You may request to play on the same team as other attendees by including it in your RSVP. We take care of creating the teams of individuals and making sure that everyone has a great time. All you have to do is show up ready to play!

Please, if you sign up and change your mind, change your RSVP so that someone else can play. If you RSVP for guests, it is your responsibility to make sure that your guest count is accurate. Payment is required to RSVP. If the tournament fills up, a waiting list will open.

Check-in begins at 9:00am. We will start games on time at 10:00am and the last game will finish by 1:00pm. Please arrive early to check in with the Sports Monster Staff and get your first game assignment as well as stretch and warm up!

Team assignments will be posted below. Please check back to see who your teammates are and what color to wear on the day of the tournament.

The entire tournament takes place in three hours. The champions are rewarded with bragging rights and their photo on our Meetup page as well a prize to ring in the new year and a T-Shirt.

This tournament consists of eight teams of 3 people plus up to one sub each. (Teams may request 2 subs by emailing the event organizer.)

We will post the teams and team colors online as they start coming together. Some teams may be changed or created on the day of the tournament if needed.

You may request to play on the same team as someone else, just make a note of it when you RSVP.

Games will run every 20 minutes and each game will last up to 18 minutes. Every team gets at least 4 games. We will be strict on sticking to the schedule.

We'll keep track of the standings for the tournament.

Teams track their own scores and report them at the end of each game. Teams must call out the score after each basket.

3 points for a win and 0 for a loss. Each team will play 3 games to determine their position in the single elimination playoffs. The top six teams qualify for the playoffs. The bottom two teams will play against each other in a final match. The first and second place seeds automatically advance to semi-finals.

Teams may have a maximum of one sub unless otherwise requested. Must be 19 or older to play. This tournament is open to males and females. There is NO male/female ratio to participate, meaning you can have any combination of males and females on a team including all-male or all-female teams.

Refunds or credits are available if you change your RSVP from "Yes" to "No" at least 72 hours before the day you wish to play. If you change your response to "No" less than 72 hours before the tournament, you will receive a credit only if your spot is filled by another player.

Have questions? Don't hesitate to contact Riannon at

Tournament Rules:

THE GAME: The first team to score fifteen (15) points, win by 2, 20 point cap, or the team leading at the end of the 18-minute time limit will win the game. The clock will run continuously for the entire game. In case of a tie at the end of 18 minutes, the winner will be decided by the next basket made. Each basket scored in front of the 3-point line is worth one (1) point. Each basket scored behind the 3-point line is worth two (2) points.

TEAM ROSTERS: A maximum number of five (5) players and a minimum number of three (3) players. A team needs to have at least two (2) players at game time to be eligible to play.

START OF PLAY: The home team will shoot from the top of the arc. After a made basketball the home team will choose if they want to start on offense or defense. After a missed basket, the visiting team will choose if they want to start on offense or defense.

TIMEOUTS: There are no timeouts.

SUBSTITUTIONS: May take place during a dead-ball situation or any made basket.

OFFICIATING: All games are self-officiated. There is no fouling out. Fouls will be called on the honor system. The teams involved must mediate all questions of judgment. A “Do or Die” shot will be taken if a disagreement about a call ensues that cannot be decided by discussion. The player making the call will shoot the “Do or Die” shot from the top of the 3-point arc. If the shot is made, then the call stands. If the shot is missed, then there is no call. Any game that cannot be completed due to continued disagreement between teams would be considered a double forfeit. The on-site Sports Monster Staff reserves the right to disqualify any player/team that continuously commits harsh and unnecessary fouls in an attempt to influence the outcome of a game.

FOULS: Any common foul shall result in loss of possession for the offending team. Any offensive foul shall result in disallowing a converted basket and loss of possession. Any shooting foul with a missed basket shall result in retained possession by the shooting team. Any shooting foul with a converted basket shall result in the basket being awarded and a change of possession. No free throws are awarded. After a team has fourteen (14) points and is fouled in the act of shooting, that team has the option of shooting one free throw or retaining possession of the ball. This is a dead ball situation. There is no rebounding. If the foul shooter misses, the opposing team is given possession of the ball.

“CHECK LINE”/CHANGE OF POSSESSION: The “check line” shall be the 3-point arc around the court. A player must PASS the ball in play from the check line “top of the arc” after a dead ball situation (ie out of bounds, after a made basket, etc.). On defensive rebounds (including air balls), turnovers, or steals, the ball must be taken behind any point of the 3-point arc and the team in possession of the ball may maintain control and attempt to score.

START OF POSSESSION: The offensive player that starts a possession at the top of the arc, must “check” the ball with the defensive team. The offensive player cannot shoot the ball until at least one other offensive player touches the ball.

OUT OF BOUNDS: If a player causes the ball to go out of bounds or over the mid-court line, the opposing team receives possession at the top of the key.

HELD BALL: On a held ball situation (jump ball, etc.), alternating teams will be in effect.

DUNKING: Players are allowed to dunk during games ONLY! Players are not allowed to touch the rim at all before, or after the game. Any player dunking by touching the rim not during the game will result in an ejection and suspension of the next game. All offenses will be kept on record. THIS IS YOUR WARNING!

FORFEITS: The team that is present and ready for play can choose to wait on the other team to play the game. However, the clock will be started and rolling until the other team is ready to play or 5 minutes has gone by, which is when the supervisor will call the game. In the event of a forfeit, the winning team will win the game by a score of 15-0.

Team assignments will be posted here. Please check back to see who your teammates are and what color to wear on the day of the tournament.