Soccer Pickup - Lake View High School


Join us for one of the best organized pickup soccer games in the city. The friendly Grab A Game host will check everyone in, divide players into teams, and make sure that everything runs smoothly. All you have to do is show up ready to play!

To officially reserve your spot in this game, please register and pay through You can show your interest by RSVPing on this meetup page, but we highly recommend locking in a spot with payment. You can cancel up to 2 hours before the event and receive an automatic credit on your account for the next time you play with us.
$10 per person

What to Wear
We are playing on an artificial turf field. You may wear cleats, turf shoes, flats, indoor shoes, or gym shoes. Please wear shinguards. Please bring your shoes and change into them at the facility. This will help keep the floor clean of dirt and water.

Depending on the number of attendees, we will play a 2-team pickup game or a tournament with up to 6 teams. Sign up by yourself or with a friends. We make the teams on site as players check in. We do our best to accommodate team requests as long as players arrive before the posted start time. The winners of the tournament will have their picture taken and posted on our meetup page to forever capture their moment of glory!

What to Expect
Show up early! The games will begin at the time posted for this event. Players may start checking in with the event host as early as 15 minutes before the scheduled start time. If the field is available, you may begin warming up before the event begins. We will provide a game ball.

Level of Play
Males and females 18 or older of all skill levels are invited to play. There is no required gender ratio. We do our best to create even teams for well-matched games. There are no referees, so players need to play with sportsmanship and make their own calls. We aim to make everyone feel welcome at these events.

Facility Information
Lake View High School is located at the intersection of Ashland and Irving Park Road. The turf is new and you'll love this tree-lined location.

There is free parking in the parking lot. Entrance is on Irving Park Road.

Minimum number of players
This event needs a minimum of 14 people (not including the host) signed up before the start of the event in order to run. Please note that the number of players is not accurately reflected on Meetup. Meetup is simply a marketing tool we use to advertise our games and is not tied to our official registration system. An email notification will be sent if we cancel. Sign up early to encourage more people to sign up!!

What's included in the price?
Your payment helps to cover the facility costs, the hourly pay for your event host, equipment costs, and the management for a well-organized event.

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