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The purpose of the meet up is to simply introduce, "In The Light of Truth" the Grail Message by Abd ru shin, a Message for our times. We would like to invite those folk who wish to seek objectively an understanding of the Language of Creation, which may also be called the Laws of Nature, as explained in this international work. To date The Grail Message is translated into 18 languages. For more information go to www.grail-message.com

The following is an article written by a practising scientist, Dr D Paige PhD.

The best book you’ve never read?

If you are a regular reader of ‘More2Life’ then you may have noticed an advert that has been running in the Magazine for a few years for a book entitled ‘In the Light of Truth, The Grail Message’. I am one of a number of people in the UK who fund these adverts, and today I have the opportunity to talk a little bit about this extraordinary book.

I will start by taking you back twenty or so years to a time when I was a naïve, young scientist taking a chemistry degree. At that time I confidently believed that the study of the material sciences would yield answers to all of life’s questions, and with my sights set on a PhD, I had no interest in this book when a copy was given to me. I assumed that it was ‘spiritual mumbo jumbo’, intended for lesser minds than mine. However, a few years later, as I was approaching the end of my PhD, and having gathered a lot more experience about the world of academia, I began to realise how misplaced my initial optimism had been. I began to see that the highly (intellectually) intelligent scientists and thinkers, whom I had idealised as all-knowing ‘oracles’, could offer no real insight into the big, important questions in life. Questions like:

What am I?

What is going on here?

How can I be fulfilled and happy?

After all, if we cannot answer these questions, then all of the scientific data in the world doesn’t really count for very much. For me, this lack of deeper insight, and the inability of orthodox science to look beyond the material, can be succinctly illustrated by one simple question:

How is gravity enforced?

Science recognises gravity as a ‘law’ and can offer a vast amount of information about how gravity works, how it manifests in the material world, and how it affects our lives and the objects around us, but it offers no explanation on how it is enforced. But think about it…if we didn’t exercise our collective will to enforce the laws in our society, those laws would quickly break down. So whose will enforces the law of gravity?

It was the inability of orthodox science even to begin to answer questions like this (or even to recognise that it is a valid question), that opened my eyes to the fact that science really didn’t hold all the answers, and realising this, I began to look elsewhere…I began to read. But not the scientific books that I had up till then considered to be the only legitimate source of knowledge, rather I began to delve into the vast amount of knowledge that has been written down about the non-material world. Religious texts, philosophy, books about ghosts, angelic beings, near-death experiences, psychic healing, elemental spirits, mediums…and for the first time I started to get a glimpse of what I now consider to be the ‘real’ world. Thanks largely to my ‘reductionist materialist’ education, I had, up until this point always considered anything dealing with paranormal or religious subjects to be nonsense, peddled by charlatans, and believed by gullible fools (and I must be honest and say that in some cases I was probably right), but as my reading list expanded I came across some really extraordinary accounts which were written by authors whom I simply could not dismiss as con-artists or fantasists. And more than this…I began to perceive a thread running through many of these books and writings which, although often half-hidden or obscured, seemed to testify to unity and common origin, and to link all of these accounts together in a way that could not be artificially manufactured.

This same thread runs through it all…from the Bhagavad Gita to the Qur’an, from the Christian Bible to Plato, from Hildegard Von Bingen to the Ten Gurus, to Rudolf Steiner, to Jung, to Tolstoy, Edgar Cayce, Arthur Findlay, Dora van Gelder Kunz, David Weiss, and on and on and on…and yet, although this thread is ever-present, there are also huge differences and apparent contradictions in the various writings, and in the sects and religions that, in many cases, are based on these texts. So how does one make sense of it? How does one reconcile the truth that one senses in each with the differences and contradictions they contain?

And this is where ‘In The Light of Truth’ comes in. I have been reading (and re-reading) this work over and over for nearly twenty years. I still read it almost every day, usually two or three pages. I don’t know how many times I’ve read it through…maybe twenty, but I do know that it stands as a source of knowledge and wisdom that, in my wide experience is of a higher order of authority and greater clarity than anything else I have come across. And through the knowledge that it contains, a light is shone upon the thread of truth in all of these other writings in such a way that one really begins to glimpse the wonder and magnificence of this universe and to understand how one must behave in order to fulfil one’s purpose and begin one’s ascent. Quite simply this book is a source of knowledge and life and joy that is without equal.

In short, if you know there is More 2 Life, and you want to find out more about what it really is…..read it. What have you got to lose?

Dr Daniel Paige PhD

The author is a practising scientist, and wishes to make it clear that he is not connected with the publishers of ‘In The Light of Truth’ and does not benefit financially, or in any other way from its sale.

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