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Geb to Grid : Geb+Spock to a Selenium Grid on Docker: Build it and Use it.

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265 Winter Street · Waltham, MA

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Go to the North entrance, don't turn right and go around the building. There will be signs

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Presentation Overview:
Test Automation has been getting easier and easier with each technological development. Thanks to the WebDriver interface, a single test can be built to run against different browsers. The Selenium project uses the WebDriver interface to allow coding tests in various languages. However, developing and maintaining Selenium tests end up becoming a whole development effort unto itself. Wouldn't it be nice to have a programming language that reads more like English? Where tests all follow the same pattern? Where the language aligns well with the requirements that are to be verified?

This talk will focus on bringing together a few technologies that take you to the next higher level of coding using Domain Specific Languages (DSL); Groovy, Geb, and Spock. Groovy enables the authoring of DSLs. Geb is a DSL that makes Selenium coding simpler and allows you to do more with less code. And Spock is more logical way of writing tests (actually, they are called Specifications) that read like the requirements being verified. What does this mean to you, the developer, the test engineer, the stake holder? More efficient testing by having less test code to maintain, a coding interface that enables automating the creation of test stubs, and a closer alignment of the tests to the requirements.
We will also build a Selenium Grid of various Operating Systems and Browsers using Docker.

Finally, we will run our Geb+Spock tests against our Selenium Grid.

Presenter Bio:

Ralph Navarro is passionate about test automation. In 1998 he created a full fledged test automation framework for testing LotusScript on Domino using Lotus Notes. In 2006, Ralph started Navarro Computing; focusing on the creation of test automation frameworks or leveraging open source tools toward improving software quality more efficiently than manual testing alone.

In Hanna-Barbera's cartoon series "The Jetsons", George would go to work at Spacely Space Sprockets. He would sit in front of a computer and there would be a button in front of him; kind of like the "Easy Button". He would press the button and the whole factory would start working. Ralph makes the button that handles testing repetitive or complex work-flows in the simplest way possible.

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This meet-up is sponsored by Nielsen, and we will have food, and beer!

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Doors open at 6:30PM, Meetup starts at 7PM.

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