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The Maya people of Guatemala have used raw chocolate, or cacao, for thousands of years as a spiritual tool. Cacao is often referred to as a God among the Maya people and has been known to cause spiritual awareness and transformation. This cacao is grown in the jungles of Guatemala by the Maya with the same harvesting practices they have used for hundreds of years. This is not the cacao you buy at the health food store. This is medicinal grade cacao.

Cacao is a heart opener and allows us to experience profound realizations. When combined in a ceremony setting, Cacao is a very powerful tool for unlocking self love, removing old patterns and connecting to your higher consciousness.

Cacao ceremonies generally consist of cacao that has been heated into a hot chocolate like consistency. It is then sweetened and consumed. It takes about 30 minutes for the cacao to get into the blood stream. She will show you what you need to see and perhaps guide you with any problems that are occurring in your life.

Please note: Cacao is not a drug. It is raw chocolate.

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