Zoom meeting - Bicycle day 2020

Grand Rapids Psychedelic Society
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Time to celebrate the anniversary of the first LSD trip, commonly referred to as Bicycle day! Don't know what that all means? Join for a discussion of the discovery of LSD, Albert Hofmann, and any other psychedelic queries you may have.

All meetings will be password protected, passwords will be sent out 1-2 hours before meeting start. Should we need to start another meeting when we come up against the 40 minute time limit, those meetings will have the same password.

1st 40min Zoom Link -https://zoom.us/j/94911038552?pwd=R25qZ25SbVVwY1AvVUl5MjRMMkViQT09

***Please ignore start and end times on these meetings, we'll just move onto them after we run out of time***

2nd 40min Zoom Link - https://zoom.us/j/97826577659?pwd=MHM4MTJUaGZxTWViVjBSSkVMYjdKQT09

3rd 40min Zoom Link - https://zoom.us/j/97181075672?pwd=UVFJWTIxVTFoQ01hRWFYa1ViMGRsQT09

Plan on connecting a little before meeting start time so we can quickly move you from the waiting room to the main meeting. When first joining the zoom meeting, please rename yourself while in the waiting room to what your name is on your Meetup RSVP, it will allow us to properly screen participants. When in the meeting, you should have the chat window visible, the host will use it to send information so we can keep the meeting moving. If we're getting extra noise from your mic, the host will mute you without warning, please address the situation before taking yourself off mute. If you have any questions on how to do all that in Zoom, please contact the host so they can direct you to a guide.

Hope to see you all soon!