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In just 48 hours, you and a diverse bunch of colleagues, friends and complete strangers will design a brand-new service and present it to the rest of the world.

That's the challenge set by the organizers of the Global Service Design Jam - the world's largest coordinated design thinking event. On the weekend of March 9, 2018, teams from over 150 cities around the world will prototype service concepts based on a shared, worldwide theme. So how would you prototype a service from scratch in just 48 hours?

"It's an emergent process," says local Melbourne participant Dr. Melis Senova. "You get some people together, and they explore ideas until they hit upon something interesting. The key is having a mixture of talented people who are willing to experiment and challenge each other, each bringing a different piece of the puzzle".

Your takeaways include: learn about a service-first design approach, apply service design tools, and building your network.

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