What we're about

Patience please as we rebuild momentum. This is no longer an active group.
Where: Grant Park, Atlanta, Georgia.

What: Yoga.

How: April-October...in the fresh air, under the trees.

November-March...inside the Grant Park Reccreation Center, owned by the City of Atlanta.


This meet-up is for like-minded individuals to share a yoga practice in Grant Park. As neighbors of the park, join us for a grounding, expansive practice. This meet-up offer two types of classes since Yoga is a practice you can celebrate in every moment of life.

Who: Alyson and Molly are yoga teachers trained at Nirvana Yoga in Grant Park, as well as urban farmers in Ormwood Park.

Alyson is a cyclist and treehugger who teaches a restorative sequence to clear your mind and connect with body and earth. Wednesday night classes are open to all skill levels, including seniors and people new to yoga. This class twists around seated and standing poses.

Molly is a student of physical therapy who teaches a creative flow to build heat and stability. Thursday night classes will be more enjoyable with previous yoga experience or an athletic spirit. This class vinyasas through downward-facing dog.

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