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Welcome to Natural Way of Living where simple yet transformative wellness programs are offered for a happier, healthier and fulfilling life.

We offer links to online workshops (fees) and Free events for you to achieve living at ease by using your Spiritual Heart which is very special and gives us Inner Guidance from our Maker (Creator, God, Source, Allah, Atman, etc.).

If you are looking to:
* Relieve Stress
* Reduce Anxiety, Anger, or other Negative emotions
* Feel Happier
* Improve Health
* Realize your Life purpose
* Improve total Well Being and Experience Profound Transformation
Then this is the group for you!!

All the methods we share are experiential and are part of naturalwayofliving.com, founded by Irmansyah Effendi, MSc.

Secrets of Natural Healing
Combines healing with Heart connection to the Creator.
For all details, please visit: https://naturalwayofliving.com/wellness-programs/secrets-of-natural-healing/

Open Heart Meditation
Smiling to Your Heart Meditation is a simple and effective way to tap into that profound peace, inner calmness and unconditional Love within. Many have reported that after experiencing this simple meditation, they are more relaxed, calm and Happy! For more information: https://www.openheartmeditation.com/
To listen to the meditation: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=54wc1r-toAw

Secrets of Natural Walking
This is a profound healing modality via the proper and Natural way of Walking. With this workshop and diligent practice there have been improvements in Posture, Blood Sugar, Blood Pressure, Cholesterol, reduced Joint and Muscle pains, etc. Please visit: https://naturalwayofliving.com/wellness-programs/secrets-of-natural-walking/
Or, please see...
Online listings on our Grants Pass meetup site (which is on a hiatus due to the pandemic): https://www.meetup.com/Grants-Pass-Secrets-of-Natural-Walking/

Miracle Walking
A Free Public community to promote healthy walking habits where we walk at a leisurely pace as a group enjoying nature while being connected with the beautiful earth energies. Will resume in Grants Pass come springtime.

Reiki Tummo
Energy channeling and healing, both to others and for self, and at the same time opening up our spiritual heart with the Divine Creator. Online listings at our Meetup site: https://www.meetup.com/Experience-Reiki-Tummo-Ashland-Talent-Medford-Grants-Pass/

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