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Just a friendship and support group for multiples (people with Multiple Personality Disorder, Dissociative Identity Disorder, Multiplicity, Plurality, whatever label you feel comfortable with) who'd like to bond and spend time with other multiples. All genders/self-identifications welcome. We know that multiples' experience of their own multiplicity runs the gamut, from strict-criteria DID to gateway systems, fictive systems, and every other possible kind of system. It's important to know that some systems live in more than one place (i.e., out here and in their own "inner/Elsewhere/other countries/worlds"), and that for those systems, trauma that happens "elsewhere" can be just as damaging as that experienced in this world, to these bodies. So anyone who joins this group, just be prepared to accept and respect the reality that other people live.

This is NOT a therapy group, but let's face it, "support" from multiples who have been in therapy can get fairly therapeutic. Currently, no "trigger warnings" required or expected; if you're having a bad day when you show up, let the group know up front, so the other members can respect and adjust for that, if they're able.

All members are welcome at any time -- including ANY system-members who want to show up, and should be recognized and addressed as themselves, and be referred to by their name and stated gender (IF they WANT to be known or noticed; that's up to each person). Keep in mind, though, that NO disrespect, intentional triggering or provocation, physical or emotional attack, or anything along those lines will be tolerated for any reason, on any subject. In a group like this, RESPECT IS AN ABSOLUTE NECESSITY.

The current listed location is just where I live; location(s) can be arranged and adjusted by discussion.

ETA: I've made this group private, because I realize that not everyone wants to be "out" about their multiplicity/plurality.

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