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Last month we discussed how GraphQL gives us tools to break out our schema and scale our codebase and our team. However, fetching the data to power that schema is the topic of much discussion and ingenuity in the community. We will cover how batching, caching, and proxies can help you not only solve the N+1 problem, but combine to create the most performant AP you've ever built.

In the workshop this month we will use Apollo REST Data Source, DataLoader, and an in-memory cache to boost a simple GraphQL servers performance by over 10x.

All of our meetups follow this format:
- 30 minute presentation
- 30 minute Q&A / discussion with food
- 1 hour hands-on coding workshop

If you'd like to come for any or all of the meetup, be our guest!

If you plan on doing the workshop, please come with a laptop, text editor, and GitHub account so you can clone our sample code and follow along.

If you only want to come for the free food and discussion, there is no need to bring anything but yourself.