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GraphQL Hong Kong #1 🎊

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Hosted By
Carlos R. and Tobias M.
GraphQL Hong Kong #1 🎊


We're happy to announce our first GraphQL Hong Kong Meetup! It will be held at AWS, Causeway Bay

There'll be free πŸ• and 🍻!

Be sure to check out our Code of Conduct (

We'd like to thank AWS ( for their venue sponsorship! We'd like to thank Hasura ( for their food & drinks sponsorship!

Our MC for the evening will be Carlos Rufo (@swcarlosrj), who will introduce the GraphQL Hong Kong meetup core values, as well as speakers & sponsors.


πŸ—“ Agenda

18:30 - 19:00
Get ready meeting new folks & enjoying pizza/drinks

19:00 - 19:15
Welcome & Intro
Carlos Rufo - Organizer, GraphQL Hong Kong

19:15 - 19:45
Introducing GraphQL Actions
Joseph Cooper - Founder & CEO, Kintohub

19:45 - 20:15
GraphQL where it hurts the most
Uri Goldshtein - Founder & CEO, The Guild

20:15 - 20:45
Public GraphQL APIs
Tobias Meixner - Co-Founder & CTO, BrikL

20:45 - 21:30
To be announced at the meetup


πŸ—£ Speakers

Joseph Cooper (@codingcoop)
Founder & CEO at Kintohub (
Talk title: Introducing GraphQL Actions: A new way to add business logic to mutations!
Talk abstract: Introduction to GraphQL Actions, a convention for GraphQL mutations that drive complex business logic and workflows in a micro-services based architecture. The first idea is to move from a CRUD + MVC based design to an action + model update based design to simplify the workflow logic with micro-services. The second idea is to separate the micro-services workflow concern from the GraphQL concern, which enables independence and productivity to simplify GraphQL API development.

Uri Goldshtein (@UriGoldshtein)
Founder & CEO at The Guild (
Talk title: GraphQL where it hurts the most - Practical tools to use GraphQL in the harshest environments.
Talk abstract: An overview of the GraphQL ecosystem from a slightly different point of view - what are the true benefits of GraphQL when integrating them into an existing codebase and tools to make that integration more easy and powerful.

Tobias Meixner (@meixnertobias)
Co-Founder & CTO at BrikL (
Talk title: Public GraphQL APIs
Talk abstract: How to build successful public GraphQL APIs and how to go from internal to public GraphQL APIs using emerging best practices.


⭐️ Sponsors

Cloud Computing Services
I/PaaS β€’ Largest community of customers β€’ Innovative

Hasura (
Instant Realtime GraphQL on Postgres
Open-source β€’ Fine-grained access control β€’ Blazing fast

Sponsor us! (
Contribute with the Hong Kong community events
Collaborative β€’ Expose your company to the world β€’ DM us!


See y'all there πŸ‘‹

535 Jaffe Rd Β· Causeway Bay
8 spots left