Past Meetup

A guide to graph visualization with KeyLines


Hi all!

It's that time again, where graphistas and graphistos alike converge on Mozilla Toronto for an evening of #graphDB talks, drinks and pizza.

For this meetup we have a special guest, Corey Lanum from Cambridge Intelligence, coming to share some of his experience in applying graph visualization using KeyLines in the real-world. You won't want to miss this one!

Below is a summary - I can't wait to see you all there.


Corey Lanum, Cambridge Intelligence:

In recent years we have witnessed a massive in interest in graphs, graph databases – like Neo4j – and tools for analyzing connected data.

Alongside this, interest has been spreading beyond the original ‘graph’ audience of data scientists and developers, to capture the imaginations of wider industry.

As new use cases for graphs are developed, more and more tools built on top of graph data find their way into the workplace. Consequently, developers and data scientists need to expose their graph model to a non-technical audience of business users.

This is where graph visualization plays a vital role.

Using graph visualization tools, end users can gain rapid insight into complex connected data without technical knowledge. They can make decisions, perform graph analysis and query graph databases without the need to learn query languages.

But what should a developer look for when choosing a graph visualization solution? This tutorial will give an overview of the options available, explaining the pros and cons of each approach. Questions covered include:

• Why should I use graph visualization?
• What are the different categories of graph visualization?
• What functionality should I look for?
• Should I pay for a solution, or are open source options sufficient?
• What are the benefits of a toolkit approach?
• Should I seek a cloud or on-premise installation?

Using screenshots and demos from a selection of tools, Corey will seek to answer these questions and give a rounded introduction to the graph visualization market.