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GVALOA is for lesbians and their special guests with a passion for a relaxed outdoor social adventure that will let you enjoy our recreation paradise in the Grass Valley (Sierra-Nevada-Placer County) Area. Open to all ages, abilities, couples and singles, we will leisurely explore the surrounding forested riverine terrain on horses, skis and snowshoes, touring kayaks, mountain bikes, golf carts, sailing vessels, and our sandles/boots. All that is needed is for you to provide your own equipment and a willingness to commune with nature (or golf in a fairly natural setting). Any accompanying animals must be well trained and peacefully behaved. Before or after dine-out, and/or pack-your own lunch is par for this course. Tappur will try to host an Outdoor Adventure occasionally for free, and she is search and rescue qualified. Group membership is also free, but contributions to defray the web subscription costs would be appreciated. Sub-group event hosts or assistant organizers and your new outing ideas are strongly encouraged. So You Go Girl! and propose your own outing, and I will help you set it up if needed, whether or not I can attend. This is a wonderful localized opportunity to enhance your fitness and spend an exciting, fairly low-cost, fun day networking with other like-minded You-Go-Girl enthusiasts.

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Note: this site may also "cross post" outings scheduled by the Lesbian Sisterhood to help support them. See also https://www.meetup.com/The-Lesbian-Sisterho ...

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