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Objectives: I will teach how to build gravity modification engines from engineering design principles. I am able to do this because I used data analytics to re-examine the physics empirical data, not chase other people's theories - and rewrote the foundations of physics that led to the engineering design principles. In 2007 I discovered the massless formula for gravitational acceleration g=tau.c^2. A first in 300 years. This equation unifies gravitational, mechanical and electromagnetic forces without any additional body of theory!

I anticipate to hold these events at 3 different locations in the SF Bay area so that this information is more accessible, and attendees have 2nd or 3rd opportunities to gain a better understanding.

For Whom: All are welcome, and if you have access to an engineering lab you will be able to build and test prototypes. For those who have, I do expect you to come back and present your results.

Note: Major computer companies were founded by silicon valley computer club members. Can we kick start this gravity modification technology in a similar manner?

Fees/Dues: None required, but venue and food sponsors are very much appreciated, and sponsors will be given a few minutes before each session to talk about their service.

Affiliations: All peer reviewed published journal and conference papers are available for free at the Xodus One Foundation ( http://www.XodusOneFoundation.org ).

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Hacker Dojo Santa Clara

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