Engineering Design Principles (Santa Clara)


PowerPoint present followed by discussion. A repeat of Milpitas session with additional inputs from the Milpitas session.

Session: Engineering Design Principles
I present engineering design principles required to build these types of engines. How does one design the foundational structure of these engines so that we can build any variation?

Tinkering around is not a viable approach to inventing a new technology thus engineering design principles. Though the physics has been solved, there is a key requirement from the engineering perspective. How to use the electric field to deliver the power? Anyone interested in building such prototypes should attend.

Topics covered are:
+ Engineering Principles
+ Podkletnov's Experiment
+ Chekurkov’s Experiments
+ Mathematical Modeling Results
+ Comparisons & Final Design

I will make available to attendees, the Excel models for calculating the acceleration effect of these prototypes designs.

The updated slides (From the Milpitas session) link is:

Please register if you are coming as I will cancel this session if I don't get enough attendees. Sorry, but I am writing up 2 courses (Real World Statistical Analysis for Data Analyst & Inferring Private Information from Public Data) for Feb 2020 through MagniMind and need all the time I can get. The free bootcamp is scheduled for Feb 5th at MagniMind. Attendance is free.

Reminder: This is an Open Source group. Everyone contributes to making gravity modification a real technology, and I will post notes of our discussion in the comments section.