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Buckette Club is a new idea that I would like to try out with two or three small groups of women who live in Grayslake. My idea is to "Re-invent book club and invent your life!"

Are you visiting Meet-Up hoping to find a group of new friends that, over time, will become wonderful old friends who understand you, support you, and encourage you to live your best life? If you are interested in making the most of the rest of your life, filling it to the brim with the "good stuff", broadening your horizons, learning new things, trying out interesting hobbies, and planning it all in the comfy, laughter-filled presence of other optimistic women, please join us!

This will, of course, involve delicious food and drinks; wine and appetizers, coffee and cake, nachos and beer...whatever floats your boat!

I have written a book called "Buckette Club" which gives a basic outline on how to start your club, and then provides lists of ideas for your bucket list that you can score and discuss. Visiting Venice, going to a Bears game, learning how to crochet, going strawberry picking this summer. The lists are just a jumping off point. Maybe you've always wanted to go blueberry picking instead! Or go on a safari! Conversations can go in any direction. You can all share your experiences, ideas and information.

I would like to provide the books free of charge in hopes that you will give me honest feedback about your group's experience. Have you ever wanted to be a guinea pig, beta tester, or focus group member? If so, please join us so that you can cross that experience off your bucket list! The secret sauce to this idea is "encouragement". Not only are you building your own list, you are going to be listening carefully and encouraging your friends to pursue their own dreams!

Depending on who responds and their schedule preferences, these groups could meet during the day or evening. I would love to attend your first get-together at a restaurant, but eventually you may prefer to take turns hosting at your houses.

There are a few things that may dissuade you from joining:
- Club meetings are meant to be a time of fun and relaxation and must be run with the following caveat: "No complaining." (Whining, crabbing, etc.) This is not the place to talk about your latest diet, how badly you need to go to the gym, how your kids are driving you crazy, or the nightmare that is your ex-husband's new wife. You get the idea...this is not your normal conversation/gripe club. If someone veers off into negativity, the others are encouraged to point this out and get the conversation back on track to fun!
- Has anyone ever called you a Negative Nancy or a Debbie Downer? Then this group may not be for you.
- If you need to be cajoled into participating or exhibiting enthusiasm for other people's interests, this group may not be for you.

I will pay the meet-up fees for six months while we see how this goes. I've noticed that a lot of meetups draw from very large geographical areas and I definitely believe that these groups should be more local. Long-term friendships, the kind where you can call up and meet for coffee on a moment's notice are easier when you live in the same community. Grayslake is the first place I'd like to start, but then I would love to have other groups try the idea out in other NW suburban towns.

If you think you "get it" and would like to start a group with some women you already are friends with I can provide you with books. I have printed 100 to give away...first come, first served!

The "No Flake Policy" is particularly important to these small groups. Pleeease don't sign up and take up one of the spaces if you are not going to follow through and attend the first few meetings. Yep, I called it a meeting because if you are asked to drive car pool, or invited to a Tupperware party, it's much easier to say, "I can't. I have a meeting that night" than to say you're going out with friends. In reality, it should bear very little resemblance to a meeting! :-)

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at: bucketteclub@gmail.com

Thanks for your interest!

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