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Any other 20-30s people out there who love to bake as much as me? Hi, I'm Kelli, and I love baking so much that I work in a bakery and STILL need more! This is a group for people who also love to experiment with their creations, share them and just in general chat about all things baking. Starting off, we'll meet one or two times a month, and also keep it small to about 5 members (my house is tiny...). One meeting to have a sweet of the month (or watch the Great British Baking Show), and another to possibly try some local sweets and critique! Hope to meet some awesome fellow bakers!

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Get To Know Each Other!

Jittery Joe's Coffee

Attempt 2! Basically a meet up where we can meet each other and I better explain my ideas for the group/everybody pitches their own ideas if they have them, too! I'm just throwing days and time out there, if this doesn't work feel free to message and suggest maybe a different day/time/place so we can get as many people there as possible. PS: for the Five Points Jittery Joes, you can definitely park for free at the fire station in the first section of it, it's MUCH easier.

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Get to Know One Another and Plan!

Jittery Joe's Coffee