Gemini Season - Astrology Event With Jessica Adams, Penny Thornton & Kyra Oser

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UPDATE MAY 18th 2020:

Due to the higher than anticipated number of registrations for our ‘Gemini Season’ event the format is changing slightly. This is so we can be certain that Jessica Adams, Kyra Oser & Penny Thornton can answer as many of your questions as possible.

The running order for the event is:

• The YouTube Premiere 'Gemini Season' with Jessica Adams, Kyra Oser and Penny Thornton is free. Head to Jessica Adams YouTube channel to view on May 20th 2020 at 8pm GMT.

• Check with to work out exact start time for the YouTube presentation according to your location eg:
London - 8pm
Rome - 9pm
Stockholm - 9pm
Dubai - 11pm

• For The Q&A session Jessica, Kyra and Penny will now answer your questions live on Twitter both during and directly after the YourTube presentation. Be sure to follow: @jessicacadams @kyraoser @astrolutely @astrologyshow on Twitter prior to the event.

• There will be a Tweet posted on the @astrologyshow Twitter account at the start of the presentation. When asking a question be sure to use the hashtag #GeminiSeason and include @jessicacadams @kyraoser @astrolutely in your question too.

• Example of how to write a question on Twitter: “What impact will Gemini Season have on …..? @jessicacadams @kyraoser @astrolutely #GeminiSeason”

• This is a great opportunity to gain new Twitter followers with an interest in astrology and Tarot, discover & connect with new people on Twitter PLUS have three of the world's favourite psychics and astrologers read for you.

• Are you a Premium Member of You will have exclusive access to an extended podcast feature, Gemini Season, on Jessica's website. Jessica will answer your questions, using your personal birth chart, in a private online space on May 20th and 21st. Details will be posted on PLUS A limited-time member 25% discount on a psychic reading with Kyra Oser. AND The chance to win a reading with Jessica Adams, or a signed book from Penny Thornton, at The Great Big Book Club. Details on all to be posted on shortly.

• Please contact Alicia (Co-Organizer) via Meetup direct Email if you have any questions.