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The intent of this group is take advantage of the Great Courses Plus video lectures. Currently, we are alternating between two courses from Professor Daniel K. Johnson. Our meetings are held online via zoom and we watch the lecture together and then discuss it as a group.

Sci-Phi: Science Fiction as Philosophy
Join an award-winning philosopher on an intellectual journey through time and space as you experience dozens of intriguing science fiction stories in film and TV.



Here's the Course Guide, very useful for reviewing the lecture and has external links and a bibliography.

The Big Questions of Philosophy
Learn to think clearly, shun fallacies, and reach your own conclusions as you confront the questions that have puzzled generations of philosophers.


Here's the Course Guide, very useful for reviewing the lecture and has external links and a bibliography.


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SciPhi Lecture 13 - The Thirteenth Floor: Are We Simulated?

So, I had hoped to get this one scheduled for this weekend, but after the last Sci-Phi meetup I realized this weekend was Valentine's Day, so I did the right thing and stayed out of trouble!

I'm on vacation Feb. 27th-March 10th so that left this weekend. From here, I hope to be on a rotating schedule where we have a meetup every two weeks.

Lecture Summary:

What is the likelihood that we are living in a simulated world right now? Some philosophers, using laws of subjective probability, would say it may actually be much higher than you might think. Examine the film The Thirteenth Floor and understand how creating a convincing simulated world could alter our conception of reality itself.

Big Questions Lecture 10 - Can Mystical Experience Justify Belief?

Let's meet and watch the tenth lecture in the Great Courses: Big Questions of Philosophy series entitled: Can Mystical Experience Justify Belief?

Lecture Summary:

Look at the phenomenon of religious experiences, pondering whether such events justify belief. Find that practically all religions have religious experiences, but the beliefs they lead to can be radically different. Can "feeling the touch of God," like Jules in Pulp Fiction, justify religious belief?

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Big Questions Lecture 9 - When Can We Trust Testimony?

Online event

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