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Do your palms sweat when you grab the controller and it's your turn? Does your pulse heighten as your adjust your macros for your next raid? Do you ever press the wrong button and melee when you meant to reload and die in a firefight because of it? Relax, you'll fit right in. While online multiplayer is really cool it just isn't the same experience as sitting next your buddy face to face. Whether you're competitive and want to join a tournament, like to collect all of the acheivments/trophies, or just want to chill and watch the action, there's something here for everyone. Great games can come in any form and on any format which is why all PCs, consoles and handhelds are welcome as well as all genres of games. There will also be tournaments and challenges available for specific games too. We'll even meet up at local gaming events, explore interesting games shops and exhibits and find other ways to build our community such as going out to dinner after the meet. This club is a way for us to be social about the games we love and enjoy! Gamers of all levels and backgrounds are most welcome.

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Pinellas Comic and Maker Con (PCMC)

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