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We are the Great Northern Tribe of Mentor Discover Inspire (http://mentordiscoverinspire.org) -

Our Mission:
To cause greatness by mentoring men to live with excellence and as mature masculine leaders, creating successful families, careers and communities

Our Vision:
A world where Honor, Selflessness, Commitment, Integrity, Training and Learning give men the wisdom and courage to serve all men, women and children for the betterment of humanity

Tired of the isolation and doing it alone? Up to something big and looking to take it to the next level? Dealing with adversity and looking for a new approach? We men of The Great Northern Tribe engage in the process of locating and living into our greatness as men. Join us at one of our meetings and see what's there for you.

We have regular meetings in Skagit, King and Pierce Counties. If you want to find out about a team near you or have any questions, contact Organizer Bill Dameron or go to our web site http://mentordiscoverinspire.org

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Saltwater State Park

Team Meeting - Tacoma

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Team Meeting - Kirkland

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Team Meeting - Mt. Vernon

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