How to Negotiate and Close the Best Deals

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How many times ⌚ has this happened?

You’ve given the free consultation, 👂listened to the prospect or vendor, provided details on everything they need. It all seems good and ripe to get the deal closed?

And then IT happens…

You hear:

“I'm not sure..."

“I’m not ready yet, call me next month..."

"I haven't got the time to do this..."

"I'm interested, but..."

"Email me and I’ll think about it..."

It’s frustrating 😨and makes the process unpredictable.
Why does this happen so often?

Does it really take three meetings to sign up a new deal?

What does a prospect need other than all the relevant details?

And here’s the reality:

If you can’t control the process, you CANNOT control the profitability or deal.

How would it feel to be able to overcome each and every one of those objections listed above with ease, confidence and a RIDICULOUSY high rate of success?💯✔

There’s no need to be ‘salesy’ or ‘hard-sell’, but there is a way to be personal, professional and persistent to help bridge both logic and vision together for prospects so they understand YOU are the solution to THEIR problem and there’s no need to delay or procrastinate.

So if you’ve read this far then here’s the next logical step:

Join Matt Elwell on 21st October 2019 at to learn how to Negotiate and close more deals.

Matt Elwell has shared this knowledge with the most successful people in property and has been literally changing lives of all types of business and property owners and entrepreneurs up and down the country for the past year. You will be able to use what you learn in your property and non property business activities.

We've already sold 50% of the tickets at what promises to be a sell out evening at

Join us at Great Property Meet on 21st October where Matt Elwell will be showing us how you can 'Negotiate and Close the Best Deals'.

Matt has spent his entire working life in sales, from: cold-calling & knocking on doors at age 18, to negotiating a multi-seven-figure property deal with a well-known supermarket, back in 2012.

In 2017, Matt sold his shares & turned his attention to sharing his understanding of sales & human psychology to help people get past their fear of selling or being sold to!

In August 2018, with his good friend Nick James, Matt co-founded the Elite Closing Academy.

Not only that, but Matt has shared the stage with some great speakers over the past year or so, including: David Goggins, Lewis Howes, Neil Patel, Chalene Johnson and Rob Moore to name a few…