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Note the date change on this hike. Since we're already getting a Smokemont workout, we're going to go ahead and tack on the Hyatt Ridge - Enloe Creek hike to celebrate Labor Day. This 15 miler has 2000 feet of elevation change, but works almost 5500 feet of PUDS into that change (Pointless Ups and Downs if that's a new term for you). We'll start at the Beech Gap trailhead at Round Bottom, heading up that trail before joining the Hyatt Ridge trail and going to its end at campsite 44. From there we'll go back down Hyatt Ridge to its intersection with Enloe Creek, where we will do an in and out for that 3.6 mile trail. On the return trek on Enloe Creek, we will again join Hyatt Ridge trail. Dropping 1600 feet in the two miles to its trailhead on Straight Fork Road, this last section is more of a controlled free fall.

This hike is a map marker special, and it's not an easy one. It is DIFFICULT for both distance and elevation. If I haven't hiked with you before, you'll need to e-mail me with your experience before I'll sign you up. If I have hiked with you before, just indicate below you'd like to go and I'll take care of it.

Since we're camping in Smokemont, the campground group will plan on leaving the campground at 8:15 in order to give us some time to get packed up and still get to the trailhead at 9:00.

For a map of the hike, click here (http://files.meetup.com/754677/Beech%20Gap%20-%20Hyatt%20Ridge%20-%20Enloe%20Creek.jpg).