Bicycle Only Days runs from May through September on Wednesday and Saturday mornings until 10 am. During this time, cars are not permitted on the Cades Cove Loop Road. The 2014 season Bike Only Days are from May 07 2014 to Sep 24 2014

We will meet at the pavilion (which is the covered area on the left before you enter the one way portion of the loop road) at 7:45 and will roll out at 8:00am SHARP. For those that this is too early...... you can sleep and dream about riding the loop on your bike that morning! Now, for those of you that this time is not too early continue reading the entire event.

The loop does not open for vehicle traffic until 10:00 a.m. on Wednesdays and Saturdays, however, the trail has a lot of bike riders out early on Saturday morning from those in the campground and from those that drive over to ride the loop on a regular basis. This gives us plenty of time to enjoy the ride around the loop.

This is a great early morning ride as you get to experience the loop at your own pace. You can anticipate it taking 2-3 hours to finish the loop. We will stop at Cable Mill and explore that area along with other sights along the trail.

The loop has some easy riding areas, some areas that may require you to walk for your safety, and some that will require you to walk because you are not conditioned to climb the hills on your bike.

Make sure your bike is ready for riding this ELEVEN mile Loop. Check your tire pressure before meeting up with the group, and bring a spare tube if you can. It is your choice to wear or not wear a helmet, but with the deer jumping fences, the people who don't understand what "on your left" means, and the hard pavement, I'd definitely recommend you wearing one!!!

This should not be your first bike ride of the year, you should be biking on a regular basis! Don't forget to bring Gatorade/Powerade/Water and snacks. You will get a good workout on this one for sure!