Hiking the Appalachian Trail from New Found Gap to Cosby campground

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Great Smokies Hiking & Adventure Group
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Cosby Campground

127 Cosby Entrance Rd · Cosby, TN

How to find us

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This is a very difficult backpacking event (over 24 miles). Since we will be very far from the road, this *cannot* be your first backpacking trip. “Plus ones” are not allowed. Last minute RSVPs are not allowed.

You must have backpacking equipment and the expertise. Folks that have not hiked or backpacked with me will have to write a convincing letter detailing past expertise and equipment.

* Our Plan
We will meet at 8:00 am at the Cosby Creek campground at [masked], [masked])
We will shuttle to New Found Gap at [masked], [masked])

From New Found Gap we will hike to Cosby spending the night in Pecks Corner Shelter [masked], [masked]) (see links to maps and profiles). Our plan has some options depending on the size of our group and our fitness levels. The blue line is the minimum distance path. The red lines are optional additions.

Minimum distance path:
From New Found Gap to Pecks Corner Shelter is 10.3 miles. From Pecks Corner Shelter to Cosby campground is 14.32 miles (going down Snake den trail).

Additions if you have extra energy:
Our first optional is Peck Corner trail which cost 4.2 miles in and out.
But one could hike Peck Corner Trail without backpacks, if one or more in the group want to rest in the shelter with our belongings.

The second additional is to return by low gap (It is 16 miles instead of 14.32). If we have a large group (6 or more) we may split at the Inadu Knob [masked], [masked]). If we have a smaller group, we will all take the shortest path if someone is too tired.

* First Day
https://drive.google.com/open?id=16_EozXrqeVEVjauVt_mrrzjGYa3U1gyGSecond Day Map
Profile Peck's Corner Option

* Second Day
Profile Snake Den Option
Profile Low Gap Option

GPS file (GPX)

link to the GSMNP map

We will start hiking at 9:30 am.