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Lets meet and share our ideas!

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This group was created some time ago with the propose of meeting up and share our ideas and ambitions. A lot of people have joined but now we need to go for the action!

We have a lot of potential to collaborate and work with each other as we are all self-motivated people!!

I know this from first hand as one of the persons who joined the group just after creating it called Andrew contacted me to have a quick meeting before organizing the official one, we met, we share and discuss our ideas and we found out how many things we could do together, well the result was we have been working together for more than 4 months, for sure more to come! and we have became business partners!

So dont miss this opportunity! Where we will meet, share ideas (the ones that can be shared of course!) and brainstorm to find the way of working together to make our dreams and companies successful!

Even if you don´t have ideas I am sure you will get inspired!

How does it sound?

That is my suggestions but this is open for everyone to suggest anything else for the meeting!

I will send you the flexible program ASAP so that we can follow a plan during the meeting.

We will have a private and quite room for us in the bar! This is FREE to hire, but they expect us to order some drinks (no obligation), so that they allow me to organize more in the future.

See you all very soon!