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1970's Belly Dance with Nylena!!!!

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Belly Dance by Nylena

In this unique workshop, we will explore popular techniques used in the '70's and beyond; what the atmosphere was like at that time; and compare and contrast the belly dance world of the '70's and early '80's vs. today. Nylena will demonstrate veil wraps and techniques which were frequently used for almost every dance, and will also review zills.

Nylena started her Belly Dance career in 1975. She studied or took workshops from the top teachers and performers of the day, Serena, Ibrahim Farrah and Troupe, Electra, Patrima of D.C., Jaydia of Harrisburg, to name just a few. Nylena taught classes four nights a week for 20 years. She resumed teaching off and on again for five more years. She has a background in tap, jazz, modern ballet, Hawaiian, country line dancing, clogging and Ballroom dance. Her passion is dance of all kinds and sharing that knowledge with others.

Nylena is Halima's cousin. After having been out of touch for many years, the two are once again reunited. Nylena currently resides in Colorado, but in a small world moment, it was discovered that Nylena's daughter and Halima both live in Westminster, MD, only a few miles apart! When Halima began belly dancing, she recalled as a child seeing her cousin in a belly dance costume. At that time, it wasn't common to know of, much less have a belly dancer in the family. It was something that stuck with her all these years and made her wonder if it was something that was in the blood! Funny that two short, Polish girls from the same family would end up belly dancing!

The workshop will be held at Halima's House on the Hill. Workshop fee is $40 per person. Payment can be made via PayPal or check. Checks should be made out to Jessica Tye and mailed to: 1828 Littlestown Pike, Westminster, MD 21158.

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