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About a week ago, I wasn't really a protest person. I've always been engaged in politics, but protesting, sign-holding, chanting, weren't really my thing. However, given the realities of the Trump Administration, protesting has become a bigger part of my life and I've gone from having attended 0 protests in my life to 2 in 2 weeks. As the numbers of protests (and, more importantly, issues to protest against) mount up, it's occurred to me that this is most likely going to be easier to sustain with some support. In addition, people are more likely to show up if they have someone to go with. Going with friends is reasonable for one or two protests, but people have work, other obligations, etc... Thus, I'm creating this meetup specifically to post about protests, and allow people to get together and go as a group (or pair). People can obviously network for other activist endeavors through this group, but for now I'd like to keep it's purpose relatively narrow.

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Postponed! Into the Streets! Resist Anti-LGBTQ Executive Order (DATE TBD)
Needs a date and time

City of Cambridge (Official)

UPDATE: At this point it does not appear that an anti-LGBTQ rights executive order on religious freedom is imminent . So this event is postponed for now. We'll hold off on the rally unless/until something happens. People interested in gathering together and raising their voices anyway can join the Trans & Queer Liberation and Immigrant Solidarity Protest. Details here: https://www.facebook.com/events/392408787772958/ This is an experiment to test this Meetup. The date will be either Thursday or Friday. If it's Thursday, I will not be able to attend. However, I'm happy to make someone else an organizer so that others can connect and attend. The details are below. *** https://www.facebook.com/events/249003915540369/ News sources are reporting that President Trump may release an Executive Order later this week that would rescind many of the federal protections for #LGBTQ people achieved under President Obama. http://wapo.st/2kkWxys (http://l.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwapo.st%2F2kkWxys&h=ATPGTFswM1BQQd3KyFa39K8Fm_GyQ4pb5-lMJK-8mnXCSISf2ynU9tzjUfoHwZNYGLz-TZsi5dn31Oz_X0ysaGu52I2Hu6NCcQr5JoaoHQaHo0pA1FpKsfOQqWhTiu-thvUrHD4P&enc=AZMYxXRoq7eik-Gp-gT8X54nzxfHXM_T52oiV3DGEsXlLz-mf2d9g7mXe2CWHUnt3Dc&s=1) We're not sure when this order may be issued, but we're ready it comes. #Resist #EveryoneWelcome Gather at Cambridge City Hall at 5:30PM the night the news is announced -- on the very steps where the very first LGBTQ marriage ceremonies occurred in Massachusetts in 2004. Spread widely -- invite friends and allies.