Let's Play SpaceCorp!

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Let's get together and play SpaceCorp!

SpaceCorp is published by GMT, who most people associate (correctly) with fine historical wargames. SpaceCorp is not at all historical, nor is it in any way a wargame.

The title would seem to indicate that this is some sort of economic strategy title, like an 18xx or Splotter game. It's not.

What SpaceCorp is is a a old-school Euro game. You can succeed by building a perfect engine for perpetual growth, or you can succeed by moving fast while the engine-builders spin their wheels. Sometimes one works, sometimes the other.

SpaceCorp is a game for 2-4 players that spans three "eras," though there are rules for calling the game after one era or two. If we get a fast start going, even accounting for teaching time we should be able to play through the first two eras, which is still a pretty durned satisfying game.