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Educational Potluck #12 - Co-Create an Open Source Economy - Evolve Together!

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NEW LOCATION Our next Educational Potluck will be January 10th at 6:00 PM at The Garden at 3435 Albion St., Denver Aaron Makaruk with Open Tech Forever (OTF) will talk about how we can co-create a new way of being in greater harmony while developing new & improved, open source versions of both existing & cutting edge technologies. Open source economy is about skill sharing, idea sharing, community building, co-creation of a new paradigm that is inclusive, caring, compassionate. OTF creates for free - online, high quality educational resources demonstrating how to understand, redesign & replicate products. They cover the skills, designs & train of thought behind the development process as well as the facilities, tools & materials to really make a variety of products. Permaculture is a primary aspect as is sustainability. OTF will host public workshops to provide a hands-on learning experience for improved skill development & retention. I feel a true excitement regarding the Worldwide potential of these concepts. These potlucks are cost & waste free, so please bring your own plate, utensils, cup, etc. Please bring food to share. Let's co-create together & join one another in the true spirit of enhancing community while sharing our bounty of delicious food.
Michael :-}
P.S. Waste Farmers is the primary sponsor of these events & we will return to their site soon. Take time to talk to the amazing Aleece Raw at The Garden about her many adventures in creating a more sustainable tomorrow. 2014 is about accelerating the rEvolution. Live, Love, Laugh! WooHoo!