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Contained Systems for Greenhouses/Food Cells

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Saturday, March 15, 2014 - 1pm to 4pm

Living systems Institute

14020 W. 32nd Ave.

Golden, CO 80401

Contained Systems for Greenhouses/Food Cells

The thing that humans can bring to living systems is technology that removes limitations on productivity. When we build a greenhouse, we are attempting to remove the temperature limitation on growth that applies everywhere the temperature drops below freezing. We will have another class in July on how to build these structures. This class is about making the best use of the temperature retaining capacity.

We will tour the Food Cell operating at the Living Systems Institute and explore the interplay between heat storage systems that double as nutrient cycling systems and thermal mass, controlling heat maximums and minimums with venting and fans, combining aquaponics, vermiculture, and animal husbandry in a confined space, planting mediums and plant cycling relative to heat cycles and other interesting tips on facilitating integrated closed loop production in a heat retaining space. Our goal is to fire your imagination on what might be possible and get you to start a system of your own.

This class is a part of a series of classes designed to expose you to the intricacies of natural systems. The full series is 11 classes over a year, each appropriate to the season, that demonstrate how humans can participate in the cycles of the natural world and enhance the habitat for humans and other living things. The class is free because the people who could be most powerful in building these new systems cannot afford to pay a fee to attend classes. If you can afford to pay a fee, there is no better investment in the future of this planet than supporting the work of the Living Systems Institute. See the full course list.

As the saying goes, there is no bad weather, only insufficient clothing. We will hold this event unless there is a blizzard or something and we may modify the schedule of activities if necessary for safety or comfort. We have placed no limit on attendance but, if you RSVP and then cannot come, please change your RSVP so that we can have an idea of what actual attendance might be.

Thank you for improving our habitat,

David Braden


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