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Educational Potluck #15 - Healthy Soil = Nutrient Dense Food = Healthy YOU!

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GOING HOME Our next Educational Potluck will be April 11th back at Waste Farmers (at Timberline Gardens 11700 W 58th Ave Arvada CO) Mathew Celesta, resident soil shaman at Waste Farmers, will be doing a presentation on how to grow nutrient dense foods. He will explain how to properly amend and mineralize your soils to create a better foundation for fertility. Using various techniques and inputs, you can create a healthy living soil that will thrive for years to come. The reality is that, even though you are using organic/permaculture methods to grow your food, it may not have the nutrition necessary for YOU to thrive. So come & thrive in the company of your fellow beings while sharing great food & friendship. These potlucks are cost & waste free, so please bring your own plate, utensils, cup, etc. Please bring food to share. Let's come together to learn how to bring our soils that feed us back from their neglected state, which will also help to retain moisture in these water sensitive times.
Michael :-} P.S. The Great Mother Earth will Thank YOU for applying this rejuvenating moisturizer. :-} If you get a chance, come early & explore the amazing Timberline Gardens plant wonderland!