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Educational Potluck #16 - KALE MILK & Other Green Smoothies - To YOUR HEALTH!

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AGAIN - Our next Educational Potluck will be May 9th at 6:00 PM at Waste Farmers (at Timberline Gardens 11700 W 58th Ave Arvada CO) Aleece Raw, our local Food Muse, will be doing a presentation on the nutrient density as well as the creation of green smoothies. Greens are loaded with sun energy as chlorophyll, which is similar to our blood's hemoglobin. That's why some can feel the energy boost when they ingest a green smoothie. Learn how to make healthy, nutritious drinks that will not only satisfy your dietary need for fruits & veggies, but often will taste like dessert. You can experience "yummy" by adding very simple ingredients like cinnamon, ginger, vanilla &/or mint leaves. You might even trick your kids into consuming these super-foods, if you let them taste it before telling them it's veggie based. These potlucks are cost & waste free, so please bring your own plate, utensils, cup, etc. Please bring food to share.

Michael :-} P.S. Mother Earth is always gifting us & greens are one of her best. If you get a chance, come early & check out Timberline Gardens extensive plant inventory.