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Rally : From Tractors to Strollers: Coloradans Call for GMO Labeling

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Right to Know Colorado Hosts August 4 Rally & Press Conference at State Capitol in Denver to Submit Signatures for GMO Labeling. Right to Know Colorado Ballot Initiative #48 to label GMO foods – which will turn in more than 100,000 signatures to qualify for the statewide fall election – is advocating for Coloradans’ right to know how our food is made – and for the freedom to choose for their own families based on accurate information, consumer transparency and truth in labeling.

Rally and Press Conference is on the West Steps of the Colorado State Capitol Building in Denver on Monday, August 4, 2014, 9:30 am. The public and media are welcome to attend the rally and media event.
Reflecting a June 2014 ABC News poll showing that a vast majority (93%) of Americans are in favor of mandatory GMO labeling, an independent survey in the state of Colorado shows that 75% of Colorado registered voters would vote yes to require labeling of foods made with genetically engineered ingredients sold in the state.
Featured speakers at the rally will update Coloradans on the GMO labeling movement in the state, and discuss what is happening around the country.
Speakers at the Rally Include:
* Robyn O’Brien, Author of The Unhealthy Truth and Founder of Allergy Kids
* Alan Lewis, Director of Government Affairs and Organic Integrity, Natural Grocers
* Larry Cooper & Tryna Cooper, Lead Proponent & Campaign Lead, Right to Know Colorado
* David Murphy & Lisa Stokke, Directors of Food Democracy Now
* Marcy Goetz-Than, Health Advocate and Volunteer
* Tammi Deville Merrell, Health Advocate and Volunteer
* Shannon Ridge, Health Advocate and Volunteer
* Cheryl Gray, Lead Proponent, Right to Know Colorado; Director, Seeds of Doubt
* Steven Hoffman, Communications and Fundraising Director, Right to Know Colorado

Following the Rally, campaign volunteers and supporters will march to the nearby Colorado Secretary of State office in Denver to deliver the petitions for the GMO labeling initiative.

Contact: Larry Cooper, Right to Know Colorado, tel 720.467.0189,

Right to Know Colorado GMO is a grassroots campaign to achieve mandatory labeling of genetically engineered foods or GMOs across the state. Right to Know Colorado is built on the foundation that we have the basic right to know what is in our food and what we are feeding our families. The campaign gives Coloradans the opportunity to make informed decisions about their diet, health, and general lifestyle. Food labels list and describe nearly every detailed component of the food product, from the caloric values and processing information, to the fat and protein content and the known allergens. Adding a simple label for GMO ingredients would fulfill Colorado consumers’ right to know, enabling them to make educated food purchases and dietary choices for themselves and their families. For more information visit