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As a decent amateur pianist I love to play classics, ragtime and (mainly mid-20th century trad) jazz. There are stacks of great jazz arrangements in piano duet form, but this needs more hands than I have! An extra hand or two is also handy for anything in 'stride' style, for those of us less gifted than Fats Waller, which is certainly me, and probably most of us, in fact. Any interest in joining in? Purely for fun and social, no ambitions to perform. Central/North London based.

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Meet somewhere with a piano and play jazz duets. More members, more repertoire.

For amateur musicians who enjoy a bit of trad jazz (mid 20th century). The art of trad 'stride' playing is hard, but as there are some great four-hand arrangements out there, it could be fun to meet and rattle through them, is all I'm suggesting. No plans yet for world domination or a big group.