What we're about

This group is a platform for the Muslim community of Greater Manchester to raise our voice. We are just normal, law-abiding everyday Mancunians.

We love our country, we care for our neighbours and value our freedoms. However right now we are going through a bit of a rough time as a Muslim community and British people generally.

Our name is being used by extremists. They mean to harm us all. If we divide, they win. But with your help we are going to take back our name and reputation.

The group is not of a religious nature, nor is it political or partisan.

The group is open to everyone and we encourage non Muslims to join as we value your input and perspective. It's been too long since we connected. Let's stand up and take control of this. So come and get to know us and let's end the hate right here.

Past events (6)

Vigil in support of the victims of Sri Lanka attack

Manchester Cathedral

Meet/Greet & Projects Launch

GMPA Pakistani Community Centre

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