Bouldering @ Rock Over Climbing - NEW MEMBERS WELCOME!


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Daniel (Group Organiser -[masked]) will be hosting alongside; Alex, Jonathan, Kat & Tom. Feel free to drop Dan a text or call in advance to say hello or introduce yourself! You can also keep it with you just in case you can't find Dan on the day or need directions!

Meet at 11:45. Please be on time, if you are late YOU MAY NOT GET TO CLIMB! wear something suitable; shorts/jogging pants/leggings and a t-shirt/vest top. You will need to sign in and hire shoes (if needed). We gather around the black sofas just inside the main entrance, there will be at least one of the groups organisers there to help get you introduced to everyone.

You will be given a free induction by RockOver’s trained instructors which will last for an hour. This will include a brief introduction/tour to the climbing centre, explaining the facilities on offer, followed by a tutorial on some basic climbing skills, as well as supervising you as you attempt a few routes! Afterwards you will be re-introduced to the group organisers who will continue to help you develop your skills.

As this is a social group, we may also take photographs occasionally for the group. If you do not want your photograph taken, please inform the event host prior to start of the session so they know this.

If you have completed the induction but are still a bit shaky when going up the wall fear not! The organisers will be taking groups of newer climbers to help them develop their skills. Once the organisers feel you are capable you will be released into the wild with the more experiences climbers.

We usually climb for two hours, although if there is a large amount of us, we will more than likely split into smaller groups and spread out across the centre, so that we all get a good amount of climbing time. As you were once an inexperienced climber yourself we would like to encourage you to try and offer advice and helpful tips to the new climbers in the group.

We often go for a post-climb meal and/or drink depending on who is available, and this provides everyone with a great opportunity to discuss the routes they've done with other climbers, as well as socialise in an informal setting. We encourage ALL new members to attend this if they can as it gives you an excellent opportunity to get to know more of our members in a social setting and provides a familiar face the next time you attend.

First time climbers at Rock Over are £9.50 plus £2.50 shoe hire for a total cost of £12.

After your induction if you wish to become a regular member of our group, you can pay an optional fee of £10 (cash only) which will provide you with an official annual membership card, as well as allow you to access the following benefits at Rock Over Climbing: £5 climb with £1 shoe and £1 chalk hire. Any day. Any time. If you plan to climb more than twice in 12 months, you'll save more money in the long run!

Please register for a membership card at:

Once you have registered you will need to pay the £10 annual membership to one of the group organisers who can then set you up with your membership card. Your membership card is accessible via the website which you show to the reception on entry. Backup cards are available if you do not carry a smart phone. They will be carried by the group organisers. You are entitled to have both (at no additional charge!), so that you can always show your card should your phone battery die or if you lose internet access (or alteratively, you can show your phone if you lose your card!). Look forward to seeing you at the next climb!

Climb on!

Daniel Martyniuk

DISCLAIMER: By joining Greater Manchester Rock Climbing Meetup Group you agree to take full responsibility for your own actions when taking part in our hosted events and also when climbing on the walls. Any injury that you sustain as a result of taking part in one of our events is your own responsibility. Greater Manchester Rock Climbing Meetup takes no responsibilities for any injuries or accidents that occur in this manner.