Teaching neuroscience students R and the tidyverse, and opendatatoronto!


Please join us for another meetup! We have Shreejoy Tripathy and Sharla Gelfand discussing, of course, R.

-- Talk Abstracts --

Shreejoy Tripathy: Come for the machine learning, stay for the data science

As a basic neuroscience researcher and UofT professor who uses machine learning, I often receive requests by students to gain experience in machine learning and AI. In this talk, I'll share some of my experiences teaching students the basics of data science using R and the Tidyverse in the context of neuroscience research projects. I'll discuss how they're often pleased (and disappointed) that machine learning is often just a one line call to an external toolbox and how most of the work in data science is actually data cleaning, quality control, and plotting.

Sharla Gelfand: opendatatoronto R package

opendatatoronto is an R package designed to access data directly from the City of Toronto Open Data Portal in R. I'll talk a bit about the portal, open data, and explore some of the functionality and data available.

Doors will open at 6:00pm, with talks kicking off at 6:30. We'll be out by 8:00. Hope to see you there!

Thank you to The Jonah Group for having us again!

Please note that the event space is up several flights of stairs and that regrettably, it is not an accessible space. There are two gendered washrooms.

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