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Have you had difficulty finding partners to play racquet sports with more than once in a blue moon? Do you want to be part of a group that has regular events, particularly weekend morning ones (preferably at least once every other weekend, from mid-May to mid-September)? I understand how frustrating it can be to wait for those opportunities to play racquet sports that are, at best, infrequent. By founding this group, I hope to create opportunities for face-to-face meetings, to be able to play racquet sports year-round without having to plunk down sometimes up to $2,000/year to join a racquet sports club. As Organizer, I hope to put on tennis events at: a wide variety of outdoor courts and clubs, during the outdoor season (typically mid-May to mid-September), and welcome the opportunity for anyone looking to organize an event to post the details up on the group page. It is not always easy to find friends to do these kinds of activities with and, furthermore, we all want to take a break from our often busy lives by having some fun once in awhile. Whether it is tennis, badminton or squash, all are lots of fun. For more information on the policies of this group, please refer to the "Pages" section.

Upcoming events (5)

Tennis at Moss Park

Moss Park

Tennis at Moss Park

Moss Park

near Jarvis and Shuter in Toronto's downtown

Tennis at Riverdale Park

Riverdale Park East

in the eastern part of the park

Tennis at Goulding Park

Goulding Park

My aim is for us to be on the courts for 9.00 a.m. This event, unlike any of the indoor ones, is free.

Past events (662)

Tennis @Roywood Park - Level 2.5+

Roywood Park

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