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GCPC Seminar - "Sports and Action Photography - Outdoors in Daylight"

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Please be sure to click on "LEARN MORE" below and completely read all the information, as there are many details associated with this Meetup.

Seminar notes are available for you to download for free and bring to the seminar - see below for how to access them.

WHAT: A free GCPC seminar on "Sports and Action Photography - Outdoor in Daylight."

(We will have a follow-on seminar later in the year on "Sports and Action Photography - Indoors and Outdoors in Evenings").

This is a unique seminar and as far as we know nothing like it is offered anywhere else - and you certainly can't beat the price. I am truly excited about this!

Although cameras are not required and will not be used, you might want to bring your camera and camera manual with you so that you can follow along with the camera settings we will be describing.

WHEN: Saturday, October 5, 2013, starting at 10:00 AM and ending at 5:00 PM.

WHERE: Fernald Preserve, Visitors Center, 7400 Wiley Road, Harrison, OH 45303, (513)[masked]. Please Google it, as in the past several people have gotten lost getting there.


The target audience for this seminar is the photographer with little or no experience shooting sports and action photography up to those who have been shooting high school or college sports for some time.

Its not just for sports. These same concepts and techniques apply to any fast-moving subject such as horses, motorcycles, or just your children or dogs playing in the backyard.


Fernald is literally in the middle of nowhere with no restaurants nearby.

We will be taking a one hour lunch break - which is NOT long enough to go out for lunch. So please pack a box lunch and bring something to drink, as Fernald does not have a pop machine. They do have a refrigerator to keep things cold and a drinking water fountain.


1. What Does It Take to Be a Good Sports / Action Photographer?

2. Cameras, Lenses and Other Equipment

3. Sports Photographer’s Code of Conduct

4. Before the Event – Preparation

5. Proper Camera Handholding Techniques

6. Camera Settings

7. Raw or JPEG?

8. Back-Button Autofocus

9. Framing, Composition and Cropping

10. Attributes of Good Sports Photos

11. Captions for Photos

12. Workflow and Image Enhancement

13. Image Post-Processing Software

14. Suggestions for Specific Sports

15. Where Do You Go From Here?


Since this seminar is free we cannot provide class notes at the meeting. The venues do not allow us to charge for meetings held there or to exchange money on their facilities (including the parking lot).

It is highly recommended that participants print out and bring their own class notes to the seminar. You need to be logged in to the GCPC Meetup site with your password to be able to download these documents. The class notes are available at the links below:

Sports and Action Photography - Outdoors in Daylight - Seminar Notes (

Sports Photography Code of Conduct (

Before the Event - Preparation (

Canon 7D Autofocus and Drive Settings (

Canon 5D Mk III Autofocus Settings (

Panning (

Back Button Focusing (

Suggestions for Specific Sports and Activities (

The two documents on Canon camera settings only apply to people with those specific cameras, so if you don't use these don't bother to download the files.

Please respect the copyrights of this document and do not share them beyond GCPC members.


Let me be blunt. No-shows are NOT ACCEPTABLE to me.

I have spent a lot of time and effort preparing this seminar. Anywhere else this type of training would be charged for, and we are offering this to you for free. Please treat your attendance as you would with any event that you pay for.

If for some reason you cannot attend please change your RSVP so someone else can attend. And please don't change your RSVP the day before the seminar (I do understand emergencies) as this does not give others sufficient time to change their plans.

I take attendance. If you are a no-show you will not be welcome at any of my future events. You can obtain a "get out of jail" card and will be back in my good graces by simply taking me out to lunch and paying for my lunch. I think that is more than fair :-)


If you cannot directly open the above link for seminar notes - although the above links have been tested on both Windows and Mac computers using Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome and Safari - some people with some browser settings have reported not being able to directly open these files from within their browsers. As you can understand we do not have the time to help every person troubleshoot their browser settings, as there are almost an infinite number of issues that can cause this problem.

If you can't open the links given above directly by clicking on them, do the following. On the GCPC home page, directly under the words "Greater Cincinnati Photographers Club" is a menu bar. On the far right of that menu bar is "More." Pull "More" down to "Files." Under "Files" you will see the document.

Right click on the files desired and save them to your desktop or wherever. Then open them. They are Adobe Acrobat PDF files that you should be able to open in any PDF reader.