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Breakfast at Paragon Family Restaurant
Join us for lively discussion at our once a month group breakfast at different local restaurant establishments. This month we will be back at The Paragon. Each person will order off of the regular menu and pay for his/her own meal. Looking forward to seeing you then!

Paragon Family Restaurant

2725 W. 10th Street · Greeley, co

Respond by: 8/24/2018

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This is a group for active, fun loving, seniors interested in affordable get-togethers. Lunches, happy hours, movies, and maybe some travel. We are committed to being happy and positive and enjoying this part of life.

As always this group is for you. If you have suggestions for things to do let me know. If you feel comfortable doing so I like to get the email address and phone number for each member so I can keep a list of members in case I need to contact them.


We collect $15 at the beginning of the year to offset the cost of maintaining this website on Meetup. Any money left over at the end of the year goes toward a holiday party. This group is a great place to find friends and socialize.

My policies are that if you sign up for a meetup and don't attend that will be cause for removal. It is easy to remove yourself from a meetup by changing your RSVP to no. Please do this 24 hours in advance. If something comes up at the last minute please email me and let me know as soon as you can. This came about because people would sign up and then not show and there would only be me, or if I wasn't attending then only one of our members. This is not fair to them. If it looks like there will only be me and one other person attending an event I may cancel the event. If there are only two members attending I generally will ask them if they want the event to remain.

Things that are forbidden to discuss in our group are politics, religion or any other controversial topic. If someone does bring up something, they will be asked to cease the discussion. If you are involved with a conversation that makes you uncomfortable then please ask that the discussion stop because you are uncomfortable. I want to respect everyone, this is a social group we don't need any more anxiety in our lives, only fun!

I know this all sounds so negative and please forgive me for that, it is just that over the time I have managed this group there have been many frustrations. These rules are the outcome from this frustration. I may add more "rules" as time goes by.

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