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Green Apron: A Healthy Cooking Club -

Purpose of Green Apron:
To have fun with fabulous people of all ages as we gather together to cook and share favorite healthy recipes. The Green Apron healthy cooking club is designed to give you fresh ideas in the kitchen as well as have a great opportunity to just hang out and relax with friends.

What are we doing?
At each event, one recipe is showcased with a healthy twist. After dinner, as a group, we will award an actual “GREEN APRON” to the chef of the evening. We will all learn something new, as well as reward a fellow member for their efforts.

Can I be a Chef of the Evening?

Absolutely!! If you are interested, just let the organizers know! We'd love to have YOU teach us a favorite healthy recipe!

What can I expect?
An atmosphere that is friendly, casual and full of laughter. There will be aromatic herbs, spices and delicious food. We ask that you bring a dish to pass as well as your drink of choice. (Alcoholic or not!)

What kind of food will there be?
The member who is the selected chef of the evening will be cooking whatever is healthy to them. It could be vegan, vegetarian or a meat dish. We are open to the diversity of all palettes. This is why if you have certain food restrictions, we invite you to bring a dish to pass so you are not left hungry. Each Meet-Up will give a very brief outline of what to expect from the the member chef who will be sharing a recipe that evening.

Who should come?
Moms, Dads, Singles, Professionals, Busy people and people with cooking interest should join - those that just love being in the kitchen - wishing to learn new tips and tricks. You need to RSVP for this exclusive evening to save your spot. Come join us as we help to prepare and cook great tasting food that promotes a healthy lifestyle. (We also indulge in fabulous treats!)

Why the name "Green Apron?"
Each event features one of our local cooks who will take the stage (kitchen counter) and prepare their favorite recipe for the group in attendance. This will in turn earn them their official "Green Apron” as a token of appreciation for sharing their recipe and skill. Everyone is welcome to attend and watch the magic happen right before your eyes.

Join us as part of the Green Apron Group of Lake Tahoe. We look forward to meeting you. RSVP please so we can ensure there is plenty of room for everyone.

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